The Review

Vol II Issue I capture Aim and Scope

The Bentley Microfinance Review is a student-run and student-edited academic journal similar to the law review models found in many of the finest U.S. law schools and publishes high quality scholarly research that significantly informs and contributes to the fields of microfinance, microenterprise, and community development. The Review is intended and designed to be an effective research forum through which undergraduate students who are engaged in the analysis and practice of microfinance can share their work. Articles may consist of methodological research, quantitative or empirical studies, case studies, or literature reviews – all with a focus on undergraduate work. Articles maintain a high level of readability without sacrificing scholarly content.

Each issue of the Review contains material written by outside contributors (e.g., faculty, staff, and practitioners), student members of the Review, and other Bentley University students. Submissions from students at other schools are welcome for consideration. Student editors will collaborate with the faculty editorial review board and staff to make all editorial and organizational decisions and manage day-to-day operations.



Bentley Microfinance Review Volume I Issue I Fall 2013 

Bentley Microfinance Review Volume II Issue I Fall 2014




Subscription Rates

One year: $30 Two years: $50 Three years: $65

Back issues available upon request. All subscriptions are sent via USPS. Checks should be made payable to Bentley Microfinance Group and sent to Bentley Microfinance Group, 175 Forest Street, Lindsay 30A, Waltham, MA 02452.


How it works

Articles are first submitted for technical desk review which scans documents for content suitability in the Review. Approved articles are then sent to a student editorial board and faculty editorial board for a blind editorial review. Once reviewed by the board, the author will be notified of the publication decision. If accepted, authors are expected to work with editors in making edits.


Why submit to The Review?

  • Writing assignments that are required for classes can be submitted to the Review for publication
  • Huge résumé builder
  • Research opportunity
  • Potential to become a published author
  • Opportunity to work with leaders in the microfinance field
  • Publish your college thesis


What we look for

  • Organization
    • Fluidity
    • Paragraphs are unified and coherent
  • Alignment with aim and scope
  • Quality of research
  • Depth of research
  • Strong interpretation of data/ research
  • Relevant and legitimate information that support the author’s claims
  • Natural and thought-provoking writing style
    • Reader should feel an interaction with the work
  • Conventions/ vocabulary (not a deal breaker, as long as content is worthy)
    • Mechanics
    • Punctuation
    • Syntax
  • Effective use of methodology
  • Originality of topic or contribution
    • Offers a new perspective

*Please note, this list is not exhaustive.

Questions or submissions?

Please feel free to direct any questions or submissions to:
Connor Neumann
Bentley Microfinance Group