Student Involvement



“Lending for Change from the Ground Up”

The Bentley Microfinance Group believes that entrepreneurs deserve a chance to start and expand their businesses. As many entrepreneurs are ignored by commercial banks, we aim to be the catalyst that can move entrepreneurs towards the visions they have for their businesses. Our main focuses are Community Development, Operational Sustainability and Innovation.

How to become a member:
Students typically join BMG at the beginning of the semester. As a member, you will have an unmatched opportunity to gain first-hand experience in micro-lending while bolstering the Greater Boston community. You will work with real business owners and entrepreneurs in helping bring their businesses to the next level by providing a surge of capital. If you would like to become involved, contact Brianna Ryan:


External Relations

Responsible for sourcing loans, external forms and maintains meaningful relationships with partners, small business owners, and entrepreneurs.External plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of BMG in that all clients are brought in through external.

External Relations responsibilities:

  • Loan sourcing
  • Partnership formation
  • Demographic targeting

Loan Management

Charged with managing key loan operations, Loan management handles the loan processes for current and prospective BMG clients. Loan management focuses on working with current and prospective loan clients in facilitating them through the loan process. Loan management conducts all interviews, meetings, and phone calls with clients.

Loan Management responsibilities:

  • Loan analysis and evaluation
  • Loan management
  • Supporting clients through the loan process


Marketing focuses on promoting BMG services to the Greater Boston community and they work closely with External Relations in demographic targeting. Coordinating all social media sites, Marketing raises awareness about BMG through a variety of social platforms in addition to event planning and printed literature.

Marketing responsibilities:

  • Publishing
  • Event planning
  • Maintaining social media presence

Institutional Memory

Sustaining communication within BMG, Institutional Memory dedicates itself to streamlining all BMG operational tasks. Institutional Memory works with the functional areas of BMG to promote efficiency and effectiveness. Institutional Memory maintains the BMG website and publishes monthly micronotes for BMG stakeholders.

Institutional Memory responsibilities:

  • Maintaining the BMG website
  • Promte cross functional efficiency
  • Support internal group communications