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Why make a donation?

The generous gifts received by our organization give us a greater ability to support our local community, its businesses, and its people. Your donations provide a unique opportunity for an unmatched impact on the lives of small business owners, entrepreneurs, and the students of BMG. With the help of your donations we are better able to help our community in several significant ways:

  • Bolstering community development by further supporting Bentley’s ability to provide credit and services to small business owners and entrepreneurs excluded from traditional financial markets.
  • Education by providing Bentley students, faculty, and staff with practical experience, encourage their awareness of microfinance practices, empower them to develop a framework for change and facilitate the education of the borrowers from BMG to extend the academic community.
  • Supporting innovation through constant research for more efficient and effective ways to deal with individual clients and running the organization.
  • Annually funding The Review which publishes high-quality scholarly research that significantly informs and contributes to the fields of microfinance, microenterprise, and community development. The Review is intended and designed to be an effective research forum through which undergraduate students who are engaged in the analysis and practice of microfinance can share their work.


Falling under Bentley University’s 501(c)3 non-profit status, all gifts to BMG are tax deductible.

To donate to BMG or to request more information, please contact Olga Kosheva at or call us at 781.891.2044